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Saturday, March 3, 2012
On 31 October 2011 ...

This is the second event within the program the Malaysian contingent looked forward to. It's the exhibition.

Dum Dum Dum ... We were pretty excited cum scared with the exhibition because we do not know what to expect from the audience (if you have read this you will know why). Will they love or hate our booth?

I was pretty freaked out myself for seniors have mentioned that food can run out within an hour the exhibition is open to public. The food we brought from Malaysia should be adequate to cover around 1000 passer-by to our booth.

I was given the duty to distribute food. It was indeed a lovely job, because I get to eat too! However, I spent most of the time at the booth for my team mates need assistance in explaining the indigenous music instruments and puzzles.

I love introducing and inviting the visitors to try out the games. Do you know why? Because if you can't solve the game, you can't marry the girl you proposed to. HA! This is the indigenous custom. So the groom is always given this IQ puzzle (depending on the location in Malaysia):

Pintar Buluh


Jah re-noi

Many visitors could not solve them and they were quite puzzled with this game. And I often teased them that they won't be able to marry an indigenous girl if they can't solve them. HA.

Here's a picture of me demonstrating how to solve the puzzle.

I can solve them. Aren't I a genius? =)

Tidbits: I love playing the pintar buluh though it's quite difficult to solve it and the jah re-noi at the beginning. The seller refused to sell them to me if I can't solve them, so she tutored me for over 30 minutes. I even recorded her playing and I dutifully watched it for over 20 minutes again and again just to solve them. Jah re-noi is the simplest of all, but I prefer the pintar buluh maybe due to its intricate Bidayuh craft design.

Visitors, to be frank, were quite freak out when I offered them to play. The right word to describe them is overwhelm. Right. They were overwhelmed with the difficulty in solving them.

The other function of the jah re-noi is to entertain the spirits that made the indigenous people getting lost in their own forest territory. There is actually an advance jah re-noi, but I don't know how to play it. Amazingly my senior solved it with ease, and he didn't get the chance to teach me.

On a surprising note, I have to teach my indigenous team member to solve these puzzles!

By the way, our booth received so many visitors that there were not enough of us to entertain them. In the end, we were so spent because we didn't even have time for break like we had planned. Also, I was happy that we even had leftover food from the exhibition. I was glad that my idea of giving sweets worked; I brought 1000 pepper and coconut candies. =)

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