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The last laughter
Monday, January 9, 2012

In the evening of 4 December 2011 ...

Vietnam is the PY's last destination and also for our contingent performance. The head of culture decided to merge Indian and Chinese dance together when initially it is supposed to be stand alone. Majority of my team members were involved in this performance and we decided to give all out, to make this the most memorable performance... the most memorable indeed.

Although I performed Chinese fan dance, I was told to wear to Punjabi suit. The funniest thing is I have unloaded my Punjabi suit in Malaysia, and I need to borrow a set from my cabin mate. Luckily I bought Punjabi suits for my cabin mates. Phew~ If not, I will have to wear my modern Kebaya top, which I don't fancy.

The Chinese dancers watched over our team members dancing the Indian dance. They were full with smiles and joy, and we finally danced like there's no tomorrow. And we, at backstage, sang along with the song chorus. We just love doing it - to mock I guess. HAHA.

The girls awaited our cue for the Chinese dance, meanwhile the guys were already on stage. Because we need to wait for one of the Indian dance member to join us. The stage is huge! I had to run fast to my position. And my scarf is annoying! I was so worried it got hook on my fan. And just dance as graceful as I can (which I know it is not since my hands are stiff!)

I don't really know the plan the head of culture stored for this performance. I only know the scanty details, which is a few team members will also be joining us at the ending.

And so ... the Chinese music faded out.

I was in my closing position, waiting for the cue to disperse, but no cue? I stood there for ever frozen with a smile. Everyone beside me was also not moving an inch.

I was relieved to hear the cue. I shut my fans and walked out quickly, followed by a chorus of laughter till we were to decrease our volume. I have the faintest idea what happened. But they were just too busy laughing to tell me. I was just simply happy to see them frolicking.

I finally found out what happened. My team members were supposed to pop some graffiti behind the performers, but it was an epic failure, because they could not, or rather don't know how to release it. Later, the owner of the poppers tried it out, and POP! the graffiti was shot into the air where we were sitting. Not wanting any of it to reach me, I quickly fanned it away. BWAHAHAH.

It IS no doubt the most memorable performance for us. We were glad to have such an epic performance to store in our memory, and to end our last performance ...

Spinoff: It is extremely hilarious! But I don't know why I could not bring myself to laugh like usual. I could only afford a smile. It's more than one month now, and I still could not figure out why. Maybe I was trying to warm myself up to the truth that my holiday is going to end ...

I think the truth is I was trying to record my feelings. Because the stark truth is I will forget what I have seen and experienced, and the only thing I can only bring with me is the feelings I was having at that moment. And sometimes, I don't even remember what feelings I had at that point of time ...

I didn't realised I was blocking my friend on stage until I saw this photo. I have mentioned many times to the guys behind me to advise on my closing position, but they never did. They assured me they will find space for themselves. And this is the result. Anyways... they will have something to share with their kids in the future!

Oh by the way, I gave away my instant noodles to a friend. It's amazing that I broke my record of not consuming instant noodles for almost one year.



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