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Wednesday, March 26, 2008
I officially got an assignment from my boss which was specifically forwarded to me. It's very rare for my junior boss and say "Can I speak to renaye?" I was so shocked when I got the call from her. I usually jumped on the end of the phone because I thought my internet surfing got busted since I checked out on manga, anime, and hang out at forums everyday .. and what's more I did download some songs. Oops.

Today I partnered myself with another colleague who being yawning "This is so BORING" to do the assignment with me. The whole day she was repeating she didn't get what's the assignment about and I was elated to get the assignment... and so I worked on it. And seriously after I did a sample... I regretted for my actions because ....

At the beginning...

We were dicussing how do we want to interpret the data into the A4 paper and somehow I gave her a rough idea and I was suggesting we should put some pictures too because boss likes pictures and she went 'HUH, for what?' Ok. Fair enough. Then I suggested we should include some geography pictures and then she became irritated, tsktsk. Ok ok fair enough because I thought boss wanted those info for some analysis so pictures are not important. But wait a minute .. we do have geography politics....

Never mind. I draw out some plans about how I wanted to interpret the data and she said she understood. I also suggested that we should include header too to make it look neat and easier to differentiate information but she kept on going 'Huh? For what???!!! Later someone will make noise.' And I know who but then it's for boss not personal, so it's ok. But then I felt irritated because I want to make it look neat. I'm a freaking perfectionist person. So I suggested let's type first and let junior boss to see if that's what big boss wanted. We agreed.

We were typing and I peeped on her work and at the sight of it, I hated it. She made it into tables and it was messy; there was no bold, italic whatsoever to differentiate the location and the numbers; and the most important the years since we are working on 2 years's data. I went to print mine and show her how I did it. I told this is what I did: the data is not in table form but easy to read because of ample space and NEAT. She flashed me a disliking face and said "I cannot do this format because it gives me headache." It was not showing her for fun I was expecting her to do the same since our information will be combined at the end of the day and it's my assignment. I became reclusive after what she said because I was mad and I don't want my emotions to control me, and I know her damn temper. She got into a brief quarrel with a former colleague when he was just trying to hint to stop the bullying from another colleague. Isn't that stupid?

I dreaded to see her work tomorrow because it's not what I wanted and I don't want to tell her that the work is not neat and it's hard to read. And she copied me doing all those italics thingy after looking at my sample.

I'm going to let boss to see my work but I don't want to ask boss which format he prefers because it will show my weakness in leading a group. But at the same time I don't want to be a 'bitch' but what's there to be a bitch if I'm just telling her about her work. Yea... this is about a different topic: about why some people can't prepare a neat work even their language sucks especially punctuations.

I will just prepare myself for whatever may happen tomorrow. Worse come to worse, I will take on this assignment with my table lamp as my sole companion.

as i said piak her..
haih... wish u luck
» jolenesiah on 2008-03-26 11:59:39

Being a leader is really difficult. Nobody wants the challenge of being the "bitch" so to speak. I have been there and I hate it. You have a tough call there. I would just claim ownership of your own work and when it comes to her work, just say that we wanted to express our own ideas and ask you which direction you prefer us to go in. :)
» KKama67 on 2008-03-26 05:27:38

this is what u call lack of synergy.....it is always like this de lar...ppl cant accept that u r better than themself then they deny whatever u did was better and shud model ur way....we all live in denial :P good luck
» elitevillain on 2008-03-26 09:33:01

Hmm I'd admit that I'm always like that.. Because I have this really really perfectionist groupmate who wants to be ostentious all the time for every single assignment. Once I needn't to hold a flag all through the presentation because she wants to be different. The flag has nothing to do with our presentation anyway... But having a neat presentation is what everyone's looking for. That person should follow you because it is your assignment and she's just helping. I'll pui u if u want but i can't help much.
» Nuttz on 2008-03-27 07:16:18

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