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Sunday, March 23, 2008
I have been looking for some counter attack opinions on a recent news which I heard it from my colleagues with my eyes bulging. Last week my colleagues who are living in the territory of Selangor were overjoyed because the new Chief Minister of that area recently declared of awarding free 20 cubic metre water to all residents. I went silent for a few moments because I could not believe this ridiculous news and I could not help myself for controlling for not slapping my colleagues who were so damn happy about this freebie. I just looked askance at their antics. I was speechless. And the one who discriminate me for not voting the opposition was suddenly in the mode of Mary Poppins- kicking her heels and wiping the dust off the office wallies - boasting the good news to the other colleagues [me and another girl]. And then she laughed at it, overjoying that the opposition is finally doing things that benefit the rakyat [citizens].

Meanwhile, my head just went silent because these colleagues of mine are just too dumb to understand the real issue out there other than being on cloud nine in their little world. (I wanted to use some harsher words to describe them but man .... they too have Buddhahood.. [ARGH!!!]) Even they know they don't realise that we are all connected. That's why scholars and scientists kept on saying that because we want to fulfil our own desire like buying car but we don't want the pollution attribute to the car-making to be at our backyard, the car manufacturer exports the pollution to another country and thus creating environmental issues and to the extent of degrading air quality overall [a rough example and it may not be accurate but you got the idea?]. I'm so kinda fed up to explain to them that the current news is not good news but indeed bad news. Bad news to the environment, not humans unfortunately and unfortunately environment is considered as 'non-living' to the majority, they don't and won't feel any effects. I'm not going to drone with that.

But my point here is there are many other things that could be beneficial to the rakyat despite paying hefty taxes but giving free resources that are finite is not one of the benefits but in fact pushing it to the edge of peril. It will only strengthen scenario of tragedy of commons [if you don't know what's this, try googling] because majority of Malaysians never appreciate things; some can't even always finish their food like my colleague even they knew food is very precious! Malaysians love freebies. Do you think we would save water? We will just splurge because we can and basically we have just awarded the license to do so. Another grave concern of mine is the news has indirectly enhanced people's thinking that environmental resources are infinite where the real scenario is they are diminishing at an alarming rate beyond scientists prediction. In my opinion, we should be given the incentive to be more water thrifty so we could work in line with the world's calling for zero-waste community.

I don't really know what's all about this water project between Selangor and Pahang [neighbour state] but it seems we get our water supply from Pahang. A friend of mine was also shocked from the news because he was thinking out loud what will happen to the people of Pahang when we basically just got the license to use water excessively.

And thank god, the President of Water Watch Penangwrote into the local newspaper about this. I fully agreed with his opinion; I'm thinking of writing in my opinion into the newspaper. But first I need to gather my scattered thoughts first.

"I also got facebook"
And so it spreads. :D
» middaymoon on 2008-03-23 02:14:29

Malaysians do love freebies but not me.. Well the thing is that free 20 meter cubic is a lot of water, which also means that people like my uncle, who only pays 5 bucks a month for his water, needn't pay at all!
» Nuttz on 2008-03-23 10:05:55

Ahhh! I wish I had some chocolate bunnies right now...all I did today was stay at home eating leftovers +_+
» Mockiller on 2008-03-23 10:49:38

yalor i agree with Nuttz because in the end we no need pay the water bill if we use lesser than that, if u see it another perspective it is an incentive la....to encourage ppl to use lesser than 20 mc then no need pay bill lor, duno how's the plan but at least it's a start, i know i wud be using lesser than 20mc just to save the money and go buy something else ^_^
» elitevillain on 2008-03-24 12:23:19

Well said, elitevillian.

Well people have to realise that this move does not give them license them to waste water.

Look at the other extreme. If water becomes completely privatised, we will be denied our basic rights for water.
» zh ( on 2008-04-19 08:41:44

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