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Naughty no-no
Thursday, January 17, 2008
I had a dateline to meet but I took it pretty easily. And I brought back work to do at home. But today I did something naughty. *grin*

A friend of mine wanted to listen to a song called Truth sang by Yuna Ito. I think you guys can find the song on your left now. Apparently he could listen to all the songs on the left except for that. Weird. I was listening to the song on my own blog. So I suggested him to open it later but still he can't listen to it. So I downloaded the song (yes I know it's illegal in the office) and changed the format to .doc since he can't download any mp3 format. And then upload it to my online folder. Then he download and changed the format to .mp3.

Tada... he could listen to the song in the office. I was naughty isn't it?

O.o very clever :-) nice work!
» CPKviperpheonix on 2008-01-17 09:07:09

well dang, I'm glad you didn't fall! I think the area I'll be saying in is pretty safe.
» Chloefoxx on 2008-01-17 09:38:29

True. Nowadays in Singapore, the elderly are really getting mean. They just simply used their old age as an excuse to cut queues, hog seats and bully their way around simply because they are old and other people will just keep quiet. I used to be nice and polite too, that is until the elderly started to cut queues. And also, even though there are seats on the bus when they board (in a fairly crowded situation), they still want to choose seats when there are already empty seats "staring" back at them on the bus...
» PuNiaoPuNiao on 2008-01-17 11:08:09

don't know how u do that but i'd like to learn
» Nuttz on 2008-01-17 11:11:41

you was brilliant... every time I see that kind of things I'm surprised, so, BRAVO.
On the other side, it has to be a law against "the office" blocked sites and download music... why? because it's an scape of stressful work and so... I used to work in a place who doesn't have NOTHING, we aren't allowed to check mail either!!! was awfull, and of course, one estricted violation to our human rights (haha)

coincidences of life? or what... now I'm listen only my clicks... and... if you are on the office, when aren't allowed to download music, you are in the same situation?

» Shacelli on 2008-01-17 12:47:38

evil la
» jolenesiah on 2008-01-17 10:30:36

whaaa~ thats what they do on the microsoft zune when they want to send mp3s to other zunes and keep the songs XD
» crz4manga on 2008-01-18 12:13:40

Lol! I can't stand people who thinks that they're pretty. I wonder if she did put super glue on the mirror so it doesn't shatter into pieces when she look into it.

Well, I wasn't even thinking of Edward while walking lately, I just hope that I don't take the wrong turn and walked into the wrong condo. If you must know, Edward was trying to not come out because the sun was bright and warm at that time.
» Nuttz on 2008-01-18 07:47:00



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