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Naruto Spoiler: Chap. 346. Read at your own risk
Sunday, March 25, 2007
I actually read this chapter long time ago but then I was having trouble opening nutang, if not the blog would be updated a few days ago.

Yes this blog entry will be about the second latest chapter of Naruto: Chapter 346: The secret of the new jutsu. To be frank, I was not looking forward to read this chapter because it will mark the 'survival of the fittest' in Orochimaru's den and I hate to say farewell to either one of them: Orochimaru or Sasuke.

But surprisingly, I took the results very calmly and I seriously got no feelings when one of them died: Orochimaru. Yes, my favourite villain of the century has finally demised in the hand of his successor or rather his 'container'. I just received this bad news in a nonchalant manner. In my heart, it goes "Die ... then die lo... no big deal." Hey, I'm a big fan of Orochimaru when did I changed 360 degrees???

Ok Ok... back to my comments. Short comments.

This chapter gives me the creeps basically. That's because I'm confused over Sasuke's behaviour pattern. From the previous chapter, Sasuke didn't even kill a single ninja during his last training with Orochimaru. I thought he still has a good heart. But now ... it makes me think twice. Because the way, he killed Orochimaru ... was neither inhumane or humane but it's just not a normal person would do. Or it's just selective killing. But then, thinking for the third time ... he's now more powerful or on the same level as Akatsuki members??? Yikes ... that's scary ... so I will be seeing Sasuke killing Itachi soon?? Aiyo .. is that going to be the end of the manga?? NO!!! My main question is what's next after Itachi died?? He will go and kill Naruto? Or become the next but more powerful villain after Orochimaru?? As the saying goes, history repeats itself ...

Anyway, this is what Sasuke commented about the demise of his tutor:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Eew... Sasuke ... I didn't know you like to eat people but ... it's a good thing though because his closed friends and followers like Kabuto won't have to spend money or having a headache on his burial. And Kabuto doesn't even need to worry about grave ninjas .. you know grave robbers?? Yup that's it. So Orochimaru now can live forever in the body of Sasuke.

May Orochimaru now rest in peace:


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27 October ... - March 2007

*Aiyo .. come on Orochimaru ... can't you just not stick out your tongue and emanating some question marks when you want to die?? Please die with more manners.

Hi hi
The Manga just gets more interesting after each chapter... I love it!
» ( on 2007-03-25 10:47:32

LOL!! Well, I'd rather like the new jutsu er.. what's his name? That kid who was the 3 hokage's grandson.. did LOL!! Sakura was completely.. dumbfounded. I think the next should be Sasuke.. he is after all Naturo's rival.. They both will fight each other one day.
» Nuttz on 2007-03-26 12:32:36

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» Mitchell ( on 2010-09-02 05:33:18



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