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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
the unsaid reflection
Wednesday. 8.10.22 6:11 am
the cruel prince story still reels in my head. thanks to my curiosity last night for stumbling accidentally that there's a story told from the protagonist's identical twin. the synopsis said it's the things she wanted to say to the protagonist but didn't. in other words, it complements the volume 1 on certain scenes unknown to the protagonist.

to be honest, i tossed in my bed a for a few minutes reveling in volume 1 especially book 1.5 entitled the lost sister which is the POV of the twin sister.

so with my curiosity screaming at me for breakfast, i decided to dive into the book. it's just around 30 pages. and i read it gullibly. it was so good. the mystery of certain scenes had been justified, and now the readers are privy to the sister's emotions.

but it had left me deeply reeled in the topic of love.

oh well, i'm not gonna warn spoiler ahead because if u read the synopsis of all the books, u'd know that the theme is love, and finding home in a place where u r not welcome. and ... i went screaming silently on my bed for knowing the synopsis for book 2 and 3. what a huge spoiler. and now i want to dive in those books.

but back to the topic...

so after reading the book 1.5, u will know what the sister did was all in the name of love. u can say love is greedy. but i conclude it as love is addiction. when u have tasted how delicious it is, u'd always want it. and also the sister is just using her own way to find her home.

the book somewhat hits me hard. like Glasser said, the founder of reality therapy, that every behaviour is purposeful, that we all behave in a way to achieve something we want. and that's what the sister's actions spoke. it hits me because it made me question my own state.

everyone wants to have a happy ending, you know, including me. are my actions or whatever i'm doing now is making me nearer to my relationship goals? am i really healing myself or just ignoring self-healing?

or is it i'm training myself how to live a life being alone? with no intervention from whatsoever kind of love?

this hits real hard. where is my compassion for myself?

Thank you for the congrats!

Good to hear from you
» middaymoon on 2022-09-01 09:04:58



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