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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
Raging hormones?
Saturday. 6.16.18 8:02 am
I never expected to go ballistic in the car with an acquaintance last night.

Seriously. I usually don't go screaming in the car like a possessed female. I was shocked myself. Hell, ya.

Look. It was actually a small matter. My friends and I were at the cinema watching Ocean's 8. My friend who was sitting beside me kept talking to me in between of the movie which I was actually not really fine because I prefer silence but there was one moment I think he was too noisy so I just hushed him.

And the cold shoulder began.

While on the way to drop an acquaintance home, I was told off his rules of watching movie. I think it was more of his rules which I need to obey if I ever watch movie with him again. His style is to discuss while watching the movie if not don't watch with him. He also stressed that was what friends do while watching movies. If I don't want to talk, then I should just sit somewhere in the cinema except beside him that night. Well, I think I remembered that correctly.

Well, I could detect the cold shoulder right after the movie ended because he was only talking to the other friend and totally ignoring me. In the car, he was talking to that friend only while ignoring me.

What was running in my head at that whole time? Should I really not hush him at that time? What was the right thing to do? Let him go on and I should reply him accordingly. I don't know. Hushing was just a natural thing I did. It was intuitive.

I actually held back my tears and humiliation when he told me off in the car. At that moment, I really wanted him to drop me so I could go home with public transportation but I continue to stay in the car because it was midnight and I don't think I could get Uber.

After we dropped off the friend, I think he kept on talking and I was... you know what this guy was droning about his movie rules and never hold back and going on full straightforward mode why am I being so kind in holding my tears. So ok tears dripping gently and I still held my tongue. Because we all know sometimes once we lash out our tongues we could never go back because there are some words are not meant to be said no matter what. I thought that is some rule that everyone knew? Sometimes it is not our entirely fault per say we still break it down diplomatically ... but last night was so raw in the tone ... in the words like there will be something happen to me if same shit happened for the second time.

And then suddenly I went ballistic...

Things get ugly? Didn't know. Never knew what that means. Just because he said no one messes with him? And so he is trying to flex his ego muscle? So what does this mean? A nice guy that still has emotions, right? I am bias? Who is not?

So I said things I don't like about him. And then he said it was me who started off first. Right. I just touched his shoulders so yea maybe I signaled he can do the same to me but I didn't mean you can 'touch' me more than that. He didn't touch my sensitive places to be fair but fast forward ... a girl who wears short skirt didn't invite to get rape right? Ok. Something like that.

I went screaming that I was not given a chance to apologise and he assumed I was not going to hence that talk. Again, he kept explaining if I had apologised the minute the movie ended he shall be alright. I did actually thought of salvaging the situation from deteriorating after dropping off the friend. I want to do it privately.

Oh, I can't because it's not part of his standard operational regulations, hence I was told off.

He did mentioned we don't know each other well enough so should not that to be taken into consideration.

I believed he felt much better after throwing out what he didn't like about me but didn't calculate my reaction. Right. Sounds like the guy I dated who said mean mean words and then I dumped him in 3 days. Haha.

He said he thought I would be able to handle those criticism because I was mature, I was experience. But you forgot I was a human with emotions just like you.

I screamed and cried, loud, in the car. He never thought I would react like that. He never thought. I thought that was convenient. This is how the world works? Just say whatever their want without thinking of the consequences or not deep enough?

Why did I even react that way? Because I was tired of being nice as in holding my tongue from slashing while they just do exactly that in my face as though we are talking casually like how delicious this food is. And I don't like to be talked in that tone again. Now I understand how my mum feels whenever we talk to her like that. It was very condescending. Ok. I got it.

So what happened in the end? I am still hurt from all this aftermath and yet I don't expect everyone to be empathetic and understanding, and better, to handle a person in pain. I don't just because I know how (but still learning to improve). We need to be a good listener to others and also when we are speaking.

Wait. I didn't answer my own question. That friend? Again. Although I told him to be a good listener, he was still saying patronising words unintentionally.

Conclusion. At the mean time, no more movies or yumcha (having coffee together) with anyone at the moment. I need my moment of peace and time.




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