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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
Sunday. 10.22.17 1:01 am
I went to Singapore for the weekend for 3 days. It was my birthday gift, actually.

The trip was supposed to be sponsored by a friend of mine but he withdrew simply because I want to meet our mutual friends on the second day. He demanded to meet them instead on the first day but I have already arranged to meet my personal friends. Initially, he wanted to accompany me the moment I land until the the time I fly off. That idea freaked me out. I was already suffocating from the lack of me-time and to have someone to be with me all the time will drown me. That was why I actually asked that I will be on my own on the first day and then meet up with him on the second and third day. I suggested we check out food in Singapore. At the same time, I also contacted our mutual friend to meet up who can only meet up on either the second or third day. And I said I am flexible. Hey, it's a holiday! So when I informed the sponsor about meeting our mutual friend on the second day. He gave me the ultimatum to either stick to my words to hunt food for him or to meet our mutual friend on the first day. Otherwise, he will keep his money.

I hate people threatening me. Before going to SG, I have also considered whether if I really want to be sponsored due to the terms and conditions. Thank god I didn't choose the Marina Bay Sands... haha otherwise I would have to give in to the sponsorship but then if I really love myself screw the funding. Since he has given me the ultimatum, I decided to sponsor myself and that gave me a relief of freedom. How nice it is to be able to go anywhere I want in Singapore on my own! So he just thanked me. I thanked him too for making myself to have me-time. Otherwise, I would still be in my room going crazy every minute monologu-ing that if only I can go for a holiday.

Why Singapore? No idea. I just feel like it. I know it's expensive but sometimes I just have to follow my hunch. Actually, I just spent SGD 130 for 3 days on food and a ticket to the Night Zoo.Yup! My other SG friends bought me food. Really appreciate that gesture.

That sponsor asked me if I were free to meet up but I just declined even though I can meet up our mutual friend together with him. With the ultimatum, I find it meaningless to catch up with him.What are we going to talk if we were to meet up? Listen to him snickering at me for holidaying in SG despite not having money and waiting for me to beg him to sponsor me? I have dignity and also I learn a great lesson: Sometimes we need to spend on ourself. Another lesson is... sometimes cannot be too kind-hearted.

This is the second time I have been threatened by him. And so why do I even still talk to him? Wait, I actually have not spoken to him for 2 years since the first threat.

Oh well, now will be for a very long time.

Sometimes it is best to be nice to everyone. This trip is supposed to be a birthday gift for me. If that so, then be sincere in gifting. I don't see how I am breaking my words for not hunting food with him. He wanted to be with me as early as 1000 until 2300. Meeting up with our mutual friend for just 2 hours out of that 13 hours is not too much to ask right? Oh well, a gift with T&C. I should know that too well.



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