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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
On my way to becoming....?!
Tuesday. 8.1.17 9:00 pm
Well I had something spicy happened last week during work.

I was being an extra in a Singaporean movie. Most probably you can see my body but not my head but that's life as extra.

Anyways, I was a waitress. There were 8 of us actually; 3 guys and 5 girls. We were asked to sit in a row for easy calling by the production crew. Sitting on my left was a young nerdy looking guy while on my right was a guy whose girlfriend was sitting on his right. The guy on the left must have heard my conversation with my right because he started talking to me in English. Ya, I mentioned I can't speak Chinese well to my right.

Ok. Let's cut the chase. Let's jump into the exciting bits which what makes me excited to type this post. Haha.

I accidentally rubbed the nerdy guy's thigh.

Yup. Read that sentence again if you think you misread.

And I apologise profusely. I tried to clear the misunderstanding that I was not harassing him sexually nor molesting him. Even if he did think that, I was a very smooth operator.

Seriously, it happened in a lightning.

We, extras, were bored in the holding room. Damn cold. The main stars had their section condoned in front of where I was sitting but there was a gap as entrance facing me 45 degrees to my right. Being restless, I observed a star who happened to be sitting among some people I have not seen in her section. As she was interacting, I saw her holding a fluff as white as snow closed to her chest. My eyes could not register at the beginning at that beady dot on the fluff. Later I could trace the ears. Damn! A Pekingnese! I was so excited to see a dog in that room that I wanted the nerdy guy to look at my same direction that I accidentally 'rubbed' his thigh while saying 'OMG OMG OMG.'

OMG. What has renaye done?!

Oh well, the next few hours, I don't know what ruminated behind his nerdy look, he actually leaned into me when I was sharing my Japanese trip adventure in 2016. But being an experienced victim, I moved my sitting so he won't be able to lean. Haha.

Nice smooth, little bro. Then after a few hours, I got his number and found out his girlfriend pic as his whatsapp profile pic. And he said "Oh, my girlfriend is coming tomorrow as an extra." What?! And you tried hitting on me? I mean seriously. Earlier on he was asking me the usual questions like how are you? you have any bf? bla. He dropped when I said I am 12 yrs older than you. And so sweet of him, he offered his shoulder as my pillow.

Many guys also had their jaws dropped when I mentioned my age the following day
for the same movie. My friend said that should be my secret but it was tiring to see all these little bro trying to hit a big sister. I don't have an ambition to be a cougar.

I was so cool in my uniform like a casino manager but just serving drinks. Haha.

Oh luckily that nerdy guy has good look. So I don't mind the brief flirt. HAHA.

Haha-! Wow, what a great entry. Not only are you in a movie, but you also got hit on, and then you found out that he has a girlfriend!!? (So sketchy!!!) And I guess you must look pretty young! :D hahaha.
» Zanzibar on 2017-08-10 01:11:02



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